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You are looking for a touch screen monitor for shop windows?


The Challenge: touch through a shop window

Shop windows are usually equipped with double or triple glazing. The heat protection glazing prevents any operation by touch through this kind of glass. The glass is simply too thick and the distance between the finger and the touch screen too large to recognize the touch. Even touch foils, which can be glued to the shop window from the inside, can only detect a touch through a glass thickness of up to approx. 15mm.

StoreFrontControl Sensorleiste

With our StoreFrontControl (SFC), an optical sensor bar, specifically developed by Interactive Displays, you can overcome this hurdle. The StoreFrontControl serves as a mouse replacement. It is mounted vandalism-proof inside the shop window, together with a display and mini-PC. It recognizes touch through the shop window, even with double or triple glazing of up to 40mm thickness and so controls the screen content.

StoreFrontControl Pads
We also thought of a flexible arrangement for the sensor fields. In this case we recommend our StoreFrontControl Pads (SFC Pads). Each sensor field is a separate small component that is controlled by an SFC controller. One controller can process the touch inputs of up to 8 SFC pads and forward them to the computer.


Examplary arrangements

sfc aufbauvarianten


sfc pads aufbau seitlich


With our StoreFrontControl, existing displays in the shop window can be equipped with touch. The difference to a touchscreen is that you do not navigate directly in the monitor area. Instead, you control individual sensor fields, which you can place anywhere around the display.

Alternatively, the StoreFrontControl can be partially positioned in front of the display, between shop window and display.


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Construction of SFC pads in the shop window

(rear view section)

sfc pads aufbau

The StoreFrontControl is extremely easy to install: just fix it on the inside of your shop window and connect it to the computer (mini PC or media player) with the supplied USB cable.


There are no limits to the design of your digital shop window. Custom designed adhesive foil with symbol fields can be stuck onto the inside of the window. It has cutouts for each sensor-field.


You decide how many of the 6 sensor fields of your StoreFrontControl you want to be active and you determine the key-assignment (right, left, enter...). In order to use the SFC with less sensor fields, there would not be any cutouts planned in the adhesive foil for these. The color of the illuminated LEDs can be individually chosen on request.

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