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Konferenzraum Touch-Display
Konferenzraum Touch-Display

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Conference rooms are essential in this day and age. Here the future is actively designed in meetings, conferences or conventions. It is all the more annoying when, for instance a loud fan of the projector causes disruption. The advantages of interactive technology are being used in these rooms more and more.

Touch tables, touch videowalls, touchscreens or interactive whiteboards optimise meetings today. Data is not only presented in any size, but can be edited on site. They thus represent a measurably added value for your business.

In our experience there is no run-of-the mill solution for the perfect use in the conference room especially in this subject area. Supposed trivial things, such as the brightness, size of the room or even the desired mode of operation determine, which technology is used. We are happy to show you options, such as converting existing furniture into a touch-table, as well as retrofit existing conventional displays with "Touch" and thus make more intensive use of them.

Please contact us, we will help you with the planning and design of your conference room.

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