Touchscreen Objekterkennung
Touchscreen Objekterkennung

Touchscreen Object recognition

For touch tables with PCAP touch foils


Imagine placing an item from your product portfolio on a touch table and it recognizes the product. It not only recognizes it, but gives your customers the opportunity to playfully and interactively acquire additional knowledge about the item. We are talking about object recognition. But how does the table or its integrated processor know which items are currently placed on it?

So-called tokens do the trick. They are attached to the bottom of any object, similar to a coaster. Contact points are embedded in the token, which can be recognized by the surface, due to the conductivity of PCAP sensors in our touch tables. Up to 6 tokens are natively recognized by our SKIN ULTRA touch foil. With its 100 touch points, the SKIN ULTRA is the only DISPLAX touch foil with integrated object recognition capability. The DISPLAX Connect configuration software is also included free of charge.

Talk to us, we will configure your touch-table including object recognition together with you.

Video Objekterkennung Touch Tisch

Object recognition on a touch table with DISPLAX touch foil (PCAP sensors)

Vorteile Objekterkennung Touch Tisch

What advantages does object recognition offer?

  1. Connection of real objects with virtual content
  2. Content is directly available without complicated menus
  3. Virtually compare real objects on the display
  4. Personalization and individual customer approach
  5. Selected access for selected persons (similar to keys)
  1. Verbindung von realen Objekten mit virtuellen Inhalten
  2. Inhalte sind direkt verfügbar, ohne komplizierte Menüs
  3. Reale Objekte auf dem Display virtuell vergleichen
  4. Personalisierung und individuelle Kundenansprache
  5. Selektierter Zugang für ausgewählte Personen (ähnlich Schlüssel)
  6. Virtuelle Elemente haptisch steuern
  7. Natürliches Benutzer-Interface
  8. Erkennt die Objektposition und Bewegung
  9. Die Tags benötigen keine Batterien
  10. Völlige Lichtunempfindlichkeit
  1. Haptically control virtual elements
  2. Natural user interface
  3. Detection of object position and movement
  4. The tags do not require batteries
  5. Totally insensitive to light
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How can I order?

We will be happy to discuss the individual requirements for your project. Please contact us by phone or e-mail so that we can make you an appropriate offer!

+49 69 - 84 84 64 14

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