Infrarot Touch-Overlay
Infrarot Touch-Overlay

Touch Overlays

Retrofit touch now


You want to retrofit a display, a videowall, a TV or presentation boards with "touch"?

No problem with our touch overlays. You have the choice between different variations of touch frames - depending on the device you want to equip with touch, as well as size, number of touch points, budget and design. This way, you can convert an existing monitor into a touchscreen.


Overlay Typen und Merkmale

Infrared (IR) Overlays

  1. Retrofitting Touch for displays, video walls and presentation boards
  2. Optionally with 2-, 6- or 32- multi-touch
  3. Available in sizes from 24'' to 110''
  4. Available as an Overlay with infrared sensors
  5. Touch detection via IR sensors
  6. Optionally with or without protective toughened safety glass (ESG)
  7. Precise touch detection even with a glove or light touch
  8. Easy fitting on pre-installed displays
  9. Alternatively choice of a new, freely available display
  10. Overlays react without pressure
  11. Cheaper than PCAP

Download: DATA SHEET

PCAP Overlays

  1. Retrofitting touch for displays
  2. With 10-fold multi-touch
  3. Available in sizes from 24'' to 65''
  4. Available in 2 types: Overlay with PCAP sensors (left) & PCAP Overlay with closed glass front (right)
  5. Touch detection via PCAP touch foil
  6. With protective glass made of toughened safety glass (ESG)
  7. Exact touch recognition only with bare hand or touchable glove
  8. More laborious installation even on installed displays
  9. Alternative choice of a new, freely available display
  10. Overlays react on contact with glass
  11. More expensive than infrared

Download: DATA SHEET

Data flow touch overlay

Features of touch overlays

  1. Custom-size for all display types, even special formats or older models
  2. Smart with modern multi-touch infrared technology or PCAP technology
  3. Simple fitting with pre-mounted brackets
  4. Works without driver installation, instant reaction to touch
  5. Smooth operation due to extremely fast processing of finger and pen movements
  6. Safer than conventional glass due to shatter-proof toughened safety glass (ESG), as well as protection against scratches or damage
  7. Optionally available with laminated safety glass (LSG)
  8. Optionally available with anti-reflective film or anti-vandalism film
  9. Scratches on the glass surface do not affect the touch function
  10. 4-point calibration, without drift
  11. Robust steel frame, with black powder coating
  12. Compatible with all major operating systems
Your touch area is larger than 110‘‘?
Our infrared sensors for video walls meet this challenge
You need a protection for your display without touch function?
Our protective glass overlays are the right choice

Alex Kiessling Use Case + Video
Use Case with Alex Kiessling

The use of our touch overlays is also recommended for applications that require a special performance. For the realization of an extraordinary art project, Alex Kiessling relied on our touch frame.
The hand movements of the artist were recorded by sensors and transmitted to two other locations by satellite. The computer-controlled robots there imitated his drawing and simultaneously painted two more "original works".

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How can I order?

We will be happy to discuss the individual requirements for your project. Please contact us by phone or e-mail so that we can make you an appropriate offer!

+49 69 - 84 84 64 14

Possible applications:

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