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Infrared Sensors

Infrared multitouch


Based on the same optical infrared technology, which can also be found in automatic sliding doors in shopping centers or motion detectors, we use this technology to generate fast multi-touch solutions.
The infrared touch is an optically based technology in which infrared sensors are distributed in a frame around the touch surface. The transmitter and receiver sensors form an invisible grid (similar to a light barrier) and thus determine the exact point of the interruption.

Infrared multi-touch sensors are very versatile and offer true multi-touch functionality. Especially for very large interactive installations such as videowalls, IR sensors with up to 40 touch points offer great advantages, as several users can use different contents interactively at the same time.

Thanks to its accurate and fast detection, this technology is predestined to turn displays (regardless of manufacturer) into a touch display quickly and easily.

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