multi-touch videowall 1x6
multi-touch videowall 1x6 with infrared sensors
multi-touch videowall with infrared sensors
multi-touch videowall 3x3
Multi-touch infrared videowall: 3,55 x 1,10 m
Multi-touch infrared videowall: 5,60 x 1,70 m
Multi-touch infrared videowall: 4,90 x 2 m
Multi-touch infrared videowall
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Touch Videowalls

The ultimate solution for a stunning interactive appearance


You prefer it a little bigger? Multi-touch videowalls are the right choice. In this special field, we have various implementation options for you.


Videowall types

We can provide various types of videowalls with touch - LED wall, LCD wall, monitor wall or even a videowall with projection.


Maximum videowall sizes

With our touch sensors, we can design interactive videowalls with a maximum height of 4 m and an almost unlimited width.


video multitouch-videowand


We offer videowalls with touch with the following equipment:


Touch kit without glass and frame

videowall touch kit infrared sensors

Our standard solution consists of the touch kit without glass and frame construction. The kit consists of several individual sensor bars, which can be joined together and fixed on any surface (for example on a glass pane).


Touch kit with protective glass and glass holders

touch videowall glass holders

Optionally, we offer a touch kit, glued onto protective glass including glass holders. 


4-/2-sided Touch kit

videowall touch kit 4-sidedYou can also reduce our kits from four to two bars, where the kits are positioned either above and below the imaging source or to the right and left of it. However, the touch bars must not exceed a maximum distance of 4 m from each other.

To implement a nearly frameless installation, the two-sided kits can also be embedded in floor and ceiling or in opposite walls. However, these slots must remain open so that the touch kits are still able to transmit.

Videowände zwei seitige Kits - copy
Videowall touch-kit 2-sided bottom and top
Videowall touch-kit 2-sided right and left


Complete installation

Even a complete installation including videowall displays or projection is possible.


BOX - vor Ort Montage
We recommend the mounting of our touch components be carried out by a specialist. We will be pleased to install the touch sensors or even the complete videowall at your business location.


Which touch technology is behind it?

Our interactive videowalls use infrared sensors (IR), which are hidden inside a frame around the touch surface. The sensors scan the surface all around, looking for any interruptions. When the surface is touched with the hand or an object, the sensors detect that point of contact as the exact point of the interruption.


What needs to be considered?

The videowall must be mounted on a flat surface. The surface must not be bent or uneven. If necessary, any existing unevenness must be leveled out by means of a substructure. Otherwise, our infrared sensors cannot establish a complete connection to each other!

To protect the touch-kit from possible damage, we recommend cladding it with an additional frame. This service is to be commissioned by the customer and is not part of our scope of supply.


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multi-touch videowall 1x6 installation

Installation of a touch videowall

For one of our customers we installed a multi-touch videowall. The six 70" displays in portrait mode make it to a total size of 5.4 x 1.5 m. By means of infrared sensors, the six displays can recognize up to 40 simultaneous touch inputs.

multi-touch videowall substructure

A videowall requires a robust, planned substructure. This must provide sufficient support for the desired number of displays, glass holders, protective glasses, touch sensors and a frame to cover the sensors. Depending on the planned design of the videowall, the structure varies from case to case.

multi-touch videowall embedded in wall

In our example, the videowall and the substructure are embedded in a cavity in the wall in order to achieve the smoothest transition possible between the wall and the touch surface.

multi-touch videowall retractable display mount

The displays are fixed by means of retractable display mounts and installed into the wall. Specially designed for videowalls, these displays have extra thin rims. In operation, they form a fine dividing line between the displays.

multi-touch videowall protective glass

The displays are all framed by a circumferential glass holder. In front of two displays each, a protective glass is mounted in this holder. The extra glass protects the displays from direct contact and resulting damage.

multi-touch videowall infrared sensors

Our infrared sensors are then mounted onto this same frame. They enable the displays and a PC/Mini PC to recognize touch inputs and respond to them.

multi-touch videowall covering for touch sensors

A final optional covering of the touch sensors provides additional protection.

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How can I order?

We will be happy to discuss the individual requirements for your project. Please contact us by phone or e-mail so that we can make you an appropriate offer!

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