Schutzglas Overlays

Protective glass Overlays



Protect your displays from vandalism and weather

A protective glass is suitable for all areas in which a display can be damaged or get dirty by accidental or deliberate contact. Incidentally, this also includes simple information displays that are mounted at normal height and mistaken as touch displays (recognizable by the fingerprints).

With our protective glass overlays, displays of all sizes get a secure front glass and a sturdy metal frame to protect the panel. They can be easily mounted on already installed displays.

Optionally, the protective glass can be further enhanced with an anti-reflective film or anti-vandalism film.

As standard, our protective glass overlays are equipped with single-pane safety glass (SPSG). This thermally tempered white glass is much more resistant than conventional glass due to its special production. Should the pane give way, it shatters into small blunt-edged pieces, which reduces the risk of an injury.

Optionally, laminated safety glass (LSG) can be used. Laminated safety glass consists of at least two flat glass panes, which are bonded with a highly tear-resistant, elastic intermediate layer made from a film, so if the glass breaks, glass splinters adhere to the film. Their use is particularly recommended for higher-mounted displays to prevent falling glass splinters in case of damage.

Protect your investments! We are happy to help.

ESG Test
How strong is it?
SPSG stress test
How robust tempered safety glass is shows this video. Glass protects your expensive display, has a positive effect on the image quality and is also the touch surface. We use white glass for optimal color reproduction.

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