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For our partner MagnWall, we have developed displays that are attached to the wall using only magnets. These magnetic displays work wirelessly and without battery power - they simply draw the electricity where they stick. Our magnetic digital signage displays work hand in hand with the electrified and magnetic MagnWall surfaces. These surfaces can be positioned anywhere in the room or attached to any outer face - wall, ceiling, floor, table tops ...

MagnWall takes a completely new approach for product presentation and interior design without cables and batteries. Electricity is everywhere you need it. A display for example can be installed and uninstalled in no time, without leaving any permanent marks on the surface since there is no screwing, drilling or gluing. A remodeling of the premises is possible at any time with little effort and is supported by a large selection of wall hangings.


MagnWall Video



  • Wireless power consumption
  • No battery
  • No constant reloading
  • Maximum flexibility in product positioning
  • Screw-free installation without the use of brackets
  • Time and cost savings when redesigning the presentation areas
  • Can be combined with other magnetically attached visual merchandise products, such as lights, shelves, mirrors, clothes hooks, etc.



  • Retail, galleries, exhibitions, fairs, living and office spaces

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